MRI performed in a patient with acute headache, mydriasis and visual impairment shows acute/early subacute phase haemorrhagic infarction within a pituitary macroadenoma. The intrasellar mass appears slightly hyperintense on unenhanced T1WI (axial, a; coronal, b; sagittal, c) with areas of hypointense signal on T2WI (axial, d; coronal, e) because of the presence of deoxyhaemoglobin. Coronal T1 contrast-enanched images (f) show left cavernous sinus involvement, probably leading to visual symptoms | Boellis, A., di Napoli, A., Romano, A., & Bozzao, A. (2014). Pituitary apoplexy: an update on clinical and imaging features. Insights into imaging, 5(6), 753–762. doi:10.1007/s13244-014-0362-0

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