Diagnostic pathology of BL: low magnification (×10, ×40) hematoxylin/eosin staining of BL sample involving the gastrointestinal tract, showing monotonous proliferation of medium-sized basophilic lymphoid cells punctuated by lightly colored macrophages (“starry sky” pattern) (A and B); immunohistochemistry, demonstrating staining for B-cell antigens including CD20 and the early CD10 antigen, with concurrent c-MYC and BCL6 expression and high proliferative rate (Ki67) (C–H). | Dozzo, M., Carobolante, F., Donisi, P. M., Scattolin, A., Maino, E., Sancetta, R., … Bassan, R. (2016). Burkitt lymphoma in adolescents and young adults: management challenges. Adolescent health, medicine and therapeutics, 8, 11–29. doi:10.2147/AHMT.S94170

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