Ectodermal dysplasia (ED)

Rare heterogeneous group of inherited disorders characterized by dysplasia of tissues of ectodermal origin including skin, teeth, hair, nails, and eccrine glands.

Dental implants

Dental implant is a structure made of alloplastic materials implanted into the oral tissues beneath the mucosa and/or periosteum and/or within or through the bone to provide retention and support for a fixed or removable dental prosthesis.

Cemento-osseous dysplasia (COD)

Introduction: Cemento-osseous dysplasias (CODs) for short, are a group of relatively benign, or harmless jaw conditions, where there‚Äôs fibrous connective tissue containing abnormal calcifications within the jaw bones, in place of normal bone. Benign fibro-osseous lesion of bone, in which normal bone is replaced by fibrous tissue, followed by calcification with osseous and cementum-like tissue.…