Internal Medicine

Complementary feeding

Food which complements breast milk and ensures that the child continues to have enough energy, protein and other nutrients to grow normally.

  • Started at 6 months of age, while continuing breastfeeding

Food plan for children

Up to 6 months

  • Exclusive breastfeeding (even when the child is sick)

6-12 mo

  • Breastfeed as often as the child wants
  • Complementary feedings:
    • Main course (At least 1 katori serving at a time):
      • Mashed roti/bread/biscuit + sweetened undiluted milk or,
      • Mashed roti/bread/biscuit + thick dal + ghee/ oil or,
      • Khichri + added oil/ghee
    • Additives:
      • Cooked vegetables, or
      • Sevian, dalia, halwa, kheer prepared in milk, or
      • Cereal porridge cooked in milk, or
      • Mashed-boiled/fried-potatoes
    • Snacks (in between the servings):
      • Banana, biscuit, cheeku, mango or papaya
    • Frequency:
      • 3 times/day (breastfed)
      • 5 times/day (not breastfed)

12 mo to 2 yr

  • Breastfeed as often as the child wants; offer food from the family pot
  • Complementary feedings:
    • Same content
      • katori servings minimum
    • Frequency:
      • 5 times/day

2 yr and older

  • Family food as 3 meals each day
  • Nutritious snacks between meals (twice daily):
    • e.g. banana, biscuit, cheeku, mango, or papaya

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