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Cover image: Child having a tantrum | Chirag Rathod -, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Tantrumtemper tantrummeltdown or hissy fit are behaviours that occur when the child responds to physical or emotional challenges by drawing attention to himself and can include yelling, biting, crying, kicking, pushing, throwing objects, hitting and headbanging.

  • Typically begin at 18-36 months
    • Subsides by the age of 3-6 yr


  • Ensure child is rested & fed
  • Parents should carry a snack for the child when going for an outing
  • During a tantrum:
    • Parents’ should be calm, firm and consistent
    • Should not permit the child to take advantage from such behavior
    • Child should be protected from injuring himself or others
    • At an early stage:
      • Distracting attention from the immediate cause
      • Changing the environment
    • Time out
      • Asking the child to stay alone in a safe and quiet place for a few minutes

Or just beat the shit out of the kid

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