Endoscopic images of subepithelial lesions that can be diagnosed only with endoscopic ultrasound findings and their specific endoscopic ultrasonography images. A: Endoscopic image of a gastric lipoma (arrow); B: Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) image of A (high-echo mass); C: Endoscopic image of a gastric cyst; D: EUS image of C (anechoic mass); E: Endoscopic image of extra-gastric compression due to splenic artery aneurysm; F: EUS image of E [normal gastric wall is compressed by a splenic artery aneurysm(SAA) (arrow). SA: splenic artery]; G: Endoscopic image of gastric varices (arrow); H: EUS image of G [varices are present in the submucosa from the outside of the wall (V) (arrow)]. | Akahoshi K, Inoue K, Oya M, Tamura S, Takaki M, Tatsushima S, Shiratsuchi Y, Kubokawa M, Gibo J, Yodoe K. Endoscopic ultrasonography-guided fine needle aspiration for gastrointestinal lesion. Endoscopia Digestiva. 2016;28:1581–1590.

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